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May 2007

Spring Restaurant Openings

This spring has seen the arrival of fresh new influences on Munich’s culinary scene.

Like a flower rising out of a sidewalk crack, a gorgeous temple of gastronomy has grown up amid the Imbiss clutter near Hauptbahnhof. bloom is the new project of Munich restaurateurs Marc Uebelherr, Simi Berst, and Uli Springer—together, responsible for the success of such local icons as Zoozie’z, Kytaro, Ksar, and Gast, which is the model for this new two-story spot. Like that successful cafeteria-style restaurant, Bloom features cooking stations offering pizza, salads, pasta, and Asian fusion dishes that cost from € 4.50 to 8.50. For sure, one wouldn’t find the gorgonzola, prosciutto, and truffle oil pizza (€ 7.50) across the street at Pizza Hut. The first reviewers are already raving, and the owners have copyrighted the name in preparation for worldwide franchising. (Bayerstr. 2, Tel. 45 21 90 78. Open Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 12 am; from noon on Sunday.)

Tambosi—the café with the view on Odeonsplatz—has replaced its Spaghetti Opera with The Flying Tortellini Club. No running sushi-style treadmills here: The name refers to the speed at which diners can consume the tapas-size dishes. Each Wednesday beginning at 7 pm, 10 different tortellini tapas and 50 open wines are on offer for guests, who pay € 2.50 per plate and € 3 per glass of wine. Unlimited tasting costs just € 42 per person. Call 29 83 22 for reservations, which are suggested, but not required.

Diners at Maxvorstadt’s Odeon more frequently lauded the modern design than the mediocre food. The discovery of an an illicit cocaine ring led by its staff was the last straw for the struggling restaurant, which closed last year. Happily, its successor has used the space to unite hip interior décor with delicious food at affordable prices. Nam Nam features light Asian fusion dishes and wellness drinks such as lemongrass tea. The menu is color-coded according to price, with main dishes such as Gai Pad Med Mamuong (chicken with mushrooms, cashews, and scallions) costing € 5.90 to 7.90. Only the house specialty—Hong Kong Duck—costs significantly more at € 13.90. Long benches and a light art installation at the bar encourage conversation among the young clientele, while smaller seating nooks and a back-corner lounge are perfect for more private encounters. (Amalienstr. 25, Tel. 28 75 58 75.)

Built in 1937 and closed last year for renovation, the famed Park Café recently reopened its doors once more. Rebirth has brought a mellower feel to the historic space: Once a party playground for the likes of Mick Jagger and Hugh Hefner, the former disco has been reconceived as a classic restaurant serving nouveau Bavarian cuisine. A small lounge area and backyard Biergarten will keep local party hoppers stopping by, but the glass chandelier over the bar has most definitely seen its last swingers. (Sophienstr. 7, Tel. 51 56 79 80. Open Monday through Friday from 11 am, and weekends from 10 am.)

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