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May 2007

Auer Maidult

“Dult season” begins again on April 28, when the Auerdult opens on Mariahilfplatz. Originally a term for church festivals, “dult” now has a meaning close to the American “carnival”: a wide expanse of rides, games, and vendors offering loads of food that’s terribly bad for your health. The Auerdult is also famous for its flea market, with stalls stuffed full of antiques, scented soaps, and probably the world’s greatest collection of kitchen utensils. On the back edge of the fair, companies put on infomercial-like presentations of vegetable slicers and washing fluids. The fair will run until May 6, from 9 am to 8 pm each day. Rides will begin running at 10:30 am. On Wednesday, May 2—“Kids’ Day”—ride operators and stall owners will offer reduced prices.

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