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May 2007

Valentin Retrospective

Cabarettist Karl Valentin could be called the Bavarian Yogi Berra: The beloved figure lives today through oft-quoted bon mots of a very particular humor. Yet words were less than half of Valentin’s legacy. He made his name contorting his cartoonish face and string bean body with physical comedy in Munich cabarets. Now, the Munich Filmmuseum (in the Stadtmuseum) gives audiences a chance to witness the full scope of Valentin’s comedic genius, by way of a retrospective film festival. From May 25 to June 17, the museum will screen Valentin’s silent shorts, short sound films, and features such as “Lachkabinett” and “Strassenmusik.” Each night’s screening will begin at 6:30 pm. Dare to experience the comic’s weird sense of humor, even if you don’t speak German. For a full listing of the program and information on each film, visit Advance tickets are available by calling 23 32 41 50.

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