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May 2007

Asger Jorn

Asger Jorn is best known for his paintings, but nurtured a passion for sculpture throughout his career, until his death in 1972. Jorn’s interest in ceramics first exploded when his family moved to the small Italian town of Albisola—home to a thriving ceramic studio. Inspired by watching the local artists, Jorn organized an international conference of artists and theorists, who experimented with, discussed, and exhibited all sorts of ceramic creations. That year was a period of intense creative activity for Jorn, and never again matched, though he dabbled with various forms of sculpture for the rest of his life. From May 17 to July 22, the Villa Stuck will present a selection of Jorn’s three-dimensional creations in “Asger Jorn in Italy: 1954–1972.” The exhibition is yet another solid presentation of lesser-known COBRA works by the museum.

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