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May 2007

Sacred Species

From holy cows to ghost-sensing cats, humans have often conferred sacred status and mystical powers on animals. A new exhibition at the Residenzschloss in Oettingen (a satellite museum of Munich’s Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde) explores these “Tierwelten” (Animal Worlds). The exhibition is a result of the State of Bavaria’s commitment to showing pieces that often languish in Munich archives. Four separate areas will showcase sculptures, decorations and masks from all over the world, organized according to theme: Animals as Creators and Ancestors, as Rulers, as Messengers from the Other Side, and as Gods. The exhibition will be on display through February 3, 2008, giving museum-goers plenty of time to make the trip out to Oettingen, located on the northern edge of the gigantic Ries Crater. Oettingen is a small town of just 5,500 inhabitants, but known for its quaint medieval architecture and thriving brewery. To reach Oettingen by car, take the A8 to B25, and then the B446 towards Nuremburg. Deutsche Bahn trains stop in nearby Nördlingen and Gunzenhausen, from which public transportation runs to Oettingen. The musuem is located on the first floor of the town’s Residenz castle, and is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm. Entry is € 2.

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