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October 2000

Ladies’ First

Himalayan expedition

In spring 1955, three female Scottish mountaineers, together with a group of Sherpas, launched the first women’s expedition to the Himalayas.
Monica Jackson, Elizabeth Stark and Evelyn Camrass were, then, working mothers whose goal it was to climb an unexplored summit on the border between Nepal and Tibet.
On October 5, two of the trio, Jackson and Stark, will be in Munich to promote their book, Tents in the Clouds, which now has been translated into German (Zelte auf dem Dach der Welt).
At 19:00 at the Alpine Museum, the former climbers will guide you into the fascinating world of the Himalayas and enable you to take part in their memories, which have been a source of strength and pride for them for decades.
The presentation will be held in English, and simultaneously interpreted into German.

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