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December 2000


>>>Munich’s British Council, the English culture institute at Rumfordstrasse 7, will soon close its doors. Other offices in Germany that are planning to shut down include those in Leipzig, Cologne and Hamburg. Officials say all business will now be taken care of from the central office in Berlin and via the Internet. In a recent press release, Tony Andrews, Director of the British Council Germany, explained the decision. “The strategy shifts the emphasis of the British Council’s work towards transition countries like Russia and China, younger audiences and electronic services. It involves a major shift of resources within the organization, away from fixed infrastructure and towards activity.” At present, the Council in Munich provides a number of services to residents of Bavaria, including sponsoring exhibitions and readings by artists and authors from the UK. Their Information Center houses a reference library containing up-to-date information on Great Britain and Northern Irelandand offers video rentals. The closure will affect approximately 50 employees.

>>>Foreign citizens who gave birth to children in Germany who had not reached age ten by January 1, 2000, must apply for German citizenship for those children by the end of the current year if they want their children to have dual citizenship. <<< SC

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