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December 2000

United Artists

Art exhibition including pottery, paintings and sculptures

In an age in which paper, plastic and plain, white stoneware dishes are used in many homes and restaurants, seeing handmade pottery induces an almost spiritual experience. Convinced of the inspirational power of their art, potters Silija Rosenthal and Claudia Rutenberg have created an oasis in the heart of Schwabing, where visitors and customers can rest and enjoy witnessing the metamorphosis of a vase into a decorative tower. Although both women studied at the renowned School of Ceramic Art in Höhr-Grenzhausen (Westerwald), each has taken an artistic direction of her own. Whereas Rosenthal’s aim is to surprise herself with ever new forms and colors, Rutenberg derives inspiration from the Indian shapes and patterns she discovered during the years she spent in Los Angeles, where she says potters are far more open-minded than their more stiff German colleagues. During the entire month of December, the public is invited to visit their annual exhibition. This year, it will be accompanied by Hanne Kircher’s textural paintings, into which the artist has incorporated exotic materials from around the globe, and Angelika Binegger-Hörl’s sculptures. In addition to viewing these unique objects, you may also purchase them — a good way to make a dent in your holiday shopping list. The Töpferei am Nordbad, located on Schleissheimer Strasse 115 (building in back) (U2 Hohenzollernplatz / Bus 33&53 / Tram 12 & 27 Nordbad), Tel. (089) 307 11 10, is open Mon., Wed., Fri. & Sat. 11:00 –18:00. <<< KA

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