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April 2001

No Excuses

MVV instructions in English

It can be heard at almost any time of the day or week — “die Fahrscheine, bitte.” To avoid the embarrassment of being singled out as a dishonest rider and the loss of DM 60, take time to learn about the MVV (Munich’s public transportation system). In light of the fact that many foreign-tongued riders have been caught without the proper ticket — MVV price schemes and “zone” divisions are even nearly impossible for Germans to understand — the MVV recently installed ticket-vending machines, with instructions in English, at the Flughafen (airport), Messestadt West and Messestadt Ost (Convention Center West and East) stations. Should these machines prove successful, more stations will soon be equipped with them. So, the next time you are asked to show your ticket, flash it with confidence.

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