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October 2002

The Art of Merrymaking

The Art of Merrymaking The Oktoberfest may end on October 6, but anyone eager to reflect on the festivities is welcome to do so at “Mass für Mass,” the Stadtmuseum’s exhibition devoted to 50 years of Oktoberfest posters. The first posters date from 1952, when the city, hoping to draw foreign visitors back to the festival, which had been revived in 1949, initiated an annual design contest. The winning poster was then used to advertise the festival in neighboring countries. Merchants and performers had caught on to the value of a clever ad long before the city began profiting from theirs, though. The first Oktoberfest advertisements are credited to the showmen of the 1890s, whose efforts to attract visitors were copied shortly thereafter by beer vendors. In 1896 festival organizers introduced an official poster that would be used up until World War I. A few of the early posters are also included in the exhibition, which runs until November 24. For further information visit

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