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July 1999

Summer Stock: Taking Inventory of Munich's Rich Supply of Activities

Munich abounds in the summer time

The scorching summers of the Arizona desert where I grew up are best described as long. Long and hot. Some of my most vivid childhood memories involve my brother, cousins, a carton of eggs and a sizzling hot sidewalk. One day when the sweltering heat forced us into air-conditioned refuge, we decided to start the Purdue Avenue Journal. It was a modest publication with a circulation of one (we didn’t have our own computers then). We profiled our neighbors, shared our recipes for odd combination sandwiches, ran announcements for backyard barbecues and kept our cul-de-sac informed about what was happening around the block. Nowhere in my thoughts that day was a career as an editor, just a desire to fill the summer vacation days with fun. Today, I stick to more conventional sandwiches and I don’t expect the Munich sidewalks to get hot enough for omelettes, but I haven’t lost my love of creative summer activities. That’s why this double issue has been such a joy to produce. We wanted to give you an issue that shows the sunny side of Munich — the things that we, as residents, often take for granted. The possibility to travel doesn’t always exist, but it is certainly easy to create mini-vacations right here in Munich when you know where to look. For that reason we have packed this feature with great ways to get out and enjoy Munich and its environs. Marton Radkai writes about Schloss Nymphenburg and its many charms — museums, gardens and history beckon visitors to spend days exploring this Munich gem. If you are not one of the thousands of tourists who descend upon our city in the summertime, you may very well be the host to some. Daniela Knapp gives us a rundown of some city tours conducted in English — a great direction in which to point sight-seeing in-laws or a way to discover something new about Munich for yourself. And if you’ve ever wondered where the MF editorial staff goes to cool down, the answer is revealed in our feature, where we share our favorite beer gardens and lakes with you. This month we welcome a new columnist to Munich Found. Kathleen Saal, whose name some may recognize from past articles in MF, takes over the Idiomatics column. A longtime readers’ favorite, it was not easy to find the right author to take Doris Faden’s reins, but I don’t think any idiomatic fans will be disappointed with Kathy’s fresh and entertaining style. The Munich Found staff will be on vacation in July, so please check our special editorial office hours listed on the table of contents page if you need to reach us. Or maybe you’ll spot us at some of the places we’ve recommended this month. In fact, I might be found hustling recipes from beer garden owners for the Purdue Avenue Journal. I wonder if they are still accepting material?

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