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December 2004

Eastern Treats

The Bavarian State Archaeological Collection has organized what is the largest exhibition of Byzantine art in the region. In collaboration with the Bode Museum Berlin (Sculpture Collection and Museum of Byzantine Art), more than 1,000 pieces are on display, including sculptures, mosaics, jewelry and textiles. Pieces have been donated by the Bode Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the British Museum in London, the Antikensammlung Berlin, the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, the National Museum in Budapest as well as from a private collection. The lavish works, which have been produced using a variety of rich materials, demonstrate the remarkable artistic skill of the craftsmen who created them. “The Byzantine World: Europe’s Eastern Inheritance” is on display Tues.–Sun. 9 am–4:30 pm and on Thurs. to 9 pm, until April 3, 2005, at the Archäologische Staatssammlung München, Lerchenfeldstrasse 2, Tel. 21 12 44 47.
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