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December 2005

My Favorite Holiday Recipe

Mauro Mahjoub
Barmeister at Negroni

A nice warm-up for cold nights or at holiday parties

Serves 2—for large groups, simply multiply

20 cl apple juice
8 cl brandy
2 cl amaretto
4 tsp. brown cane sugar
apple peel (green)
2 cinnamon sticks
lemon slice
orange peel (for an extra bit of spice, add some cloves)
few drops Angostura (optional)

Put all ingredients except nutmeg and Angostura in a saucepan. On a medium heat, bring the mix just to a boil. Remove from heat and serve in grog glasses with freshly ground nutmeg on top. A few drops of Angostura will give a slight bitterness to the taste.

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