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December 2005

Bar of the Month

La Stanza

Mornings, it’s a cozy place to curl up with a croissant and the morning paper. Afternoons, it’s the perfect spot to meet for a cup of coffee and good conversation. Evenings, it’s a sleek, chic, place to see and be seen. Whether dayside or nightside, La Stanza in Lehel has a certain je ne sais quoi that keeps it alive and hopping.

The three rooms are a bit cramped. But what La Stanza lacks in comfort level, it makes up tenfold in atmosphere—the place oozes character. Lamps and candles are scattered about, the soft glow of which brings out the rich red of the bar and the olive green of the long, worn sofas wrapping around the walls. Squeeze into the tiny room in the back and discover its secret jewel—a charming mural of Venice painted on the wall, which somehow makes you feel as if you’re dining outside on a veranda overlooking the enchanting city.

No matter what time of day, the place is pretty crowded. Its eclectic mix of customers makes it a prime spot for people watching. I notice two older men in pinstriped suits sitting at the table next to me, a few women chat over latte macchiatos on my other side and a handful of students in polo shirts huddle in the corner.

La Stanza offers a breakfast menu on weekends, starting at 10 am. During the week, there’s a scrumptious selection of cakes and panini (€ 1.20–€ 3.30) on offer, as well as a variety of salads and pastas starting at € 5.95.

As an added perk, La Stanza’s waitstaff is truly the most delightful one in Munich. They all wear cheery smiles and flutter from table to table—in fact it’s the sort of customer service that’s rarely seen here in Bavaria. And, of course, hearing them call out “Ciao Bella!” to me as I leave is enough to lure me back in for just one more drink. <<<

Wear: Black
Drink: Aperol soda
Bring: A date

La Stanza, St. Anna-Strasse 13, Tel. 25 54 23 93,
Open Mon.–Sat. 8 am–1 am, Sun. 10 am–1 am

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