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December 2005

Yule Be Puzzled...

Need some seasonal entertainment? Try our treasure hunt—and win yourself a great prize!

Sick of Scrabble? Tired of Trivial Pursuit? Here’s an alternative way to keep the grey cells from frosting up this Christmas—the MUNICH FOUND treasure hunt. All answers can be found within an imaginary square with its corners at Isartor, Karlsplatz, Sendlinger Tor and Odeonsplatz and, if you do them in order, you should find yourself following a logical route through the city. Once you’re finished, send us as many answers as you can on a separate sheet of paper to MUNICH FOUND, Lilienstrasse 3–5, 81669 München by January 20, for a chance to win a great prize. Happy hunting!

And here’s what you can win:
- A pilates session (and massage!) at Hillary Coley Fitness.
- A traditional English Christmas cake, handmade by Munich’s own domestic goddess, Hazel Sheldon.
- A handful of books (all in English) from Word’s Worth Booksellers.
- A pack of Munich bar and club “Top Trumps”-style cards, including free drink offers at 36 bars.
- A personalized candle handmade by Condo owner Ruth Weller-Malchow.
- Dinner at gast, Gasteig’s new eatery.
- A gift certificate for Münchner Romantix’s.
- A facial treatment at Santulan Salon, as well as a € 25 gift certificate for the salon’s Ayurveda shop.
- A pedicure and massage at Feelgood Salon.
- A € 30 gift certificate for English shop Pomeroy & Winterbottom.
- Two tickets for an advent concert and high tea at the Vier Jahreszeiten Hotel.

1) Start at Isartor and head up Tal. Which sweet company is swinging through the hills at number 27?

2) Take a right to a street where Munich’s favorite legwear might be worn. Which popular bar here was formerly Konditorei Schmid?

3) Pass the Hofbräuhaus and head towards the city’s smartest street to tell us: according to Pusser, what hangover soother is Munich’s number one cocktail?

4) Which Munich building took seven years to build, two to refurbish after it was destroyed by fire and another five to rebuild after it was bombed in the Second World War?

5) And which tram line (number) links it to Pasing?

6) You all know our thoughts on the garish lions littering Munich. Nonetheless, we ask you this: when standing on the bottom step of the Feldherrnhalle, how many other lions can you spot?

7) Which of these is the odd one out—Viscardi, Perusa, Maffei, Theatiner, Amira, Portia? 8) Which retail institution, founded in 1842, began selling coats by mail order in 1880?

9) Stand on the footprint imprinted in the entrance of the Frauenkirche. What enlightening features do you see fewer of from inside, than from outside?

10) To another Munich institution now: which city fountain are you warned not to throw coins into, because of live animals in the water?

11) Where in Munich can you see warriors fighting a hen, a lion, a dragon and a snake all on one monument in picture A (see above)?

12) More lions—what is guarded by the beast shown in picture B (see above)?

13) What products are sold by the following traders at the Viktualienmarkt: Mr. Rainer?

14) Mr. Schwarz?

15) Mr. Forstner?

16) Mr. Eisenreich?

17) Why is there always a rush of people at Blumenstrasse 1?

18) What’s the occupation of the fellow shown in picture C (see above)?

19) The world’s largest beer stein is on sale, somewhere in Munich. How much will it cost you per liter of volume?

20) What liquid treasure first reared its frothy head in 1328?

21) What now stands on the site of Wilhelm Schmid’s old toyshop in the pedestrian zone?

22) Which retailer supported the renovation of Karlstor in 1994?

23) And what was the gate originally known as?

24) 07000 522 55 22—This number can be seen everywhere around Munich, though not always in the same places. What is it?

25) Time to go home. While en route, tell us: where will you find the color combination: red, blue, orange, green, yellow? <<<

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