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December 2005

Happy New Year

Instead of moping around with a hangover, why not get out and make the most of a fresh year by taking part in these New Year’s Day events? For starters, the Johann Strauss Philharmonic Orchestra and Ballet will present a traditional Viennese-style gala concert at Gasteig’s Philharmonic Hall, beginning at 6 pm. Meanwhile, the Carl-Orff-Saal will host a concert of operetta masterpieces by Strauss, Offenbach, Monti and others. This also takes place at 6 pm. The Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz, on the other hand, has something for the early risers among you—a New Year Jazz Classics concert at 11:30 am. Fans of Latin American rhythms, meanwhile, should head for the Prinzregententheater where “The Bar at Buena Vista” concert, featuring the grandfathers of Cuban music, gets underway at 8 pm.
If all else fails, you can always head to the English Garden for your first walk of the year. Get there early enough and, who knows, you might even be guaranteed a bit of peace and quiet—time to contemplate the year ahead.

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