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December 2005

Coming Year's Highlights

Another year’s over. But instead of mourning the passing of time, cheer up! Here’s what we’ve all got to look forward to in 2006…

1. Motor mania—BMW’s experience world is due to open “sometime” in 2006. If it’s anything like the Schranne, our money’s on the end of the year. Keep your eyes on for the latest news on what promises to be the place for car buffs.
2. Football mania—yes, it’s World Cup time. Munich will host six games, including the opening game on June 9, group matches on June 14, 18 and 21, a quarterfinal on June 24 and a semi-final on July 5. And what’s more, once it’s all over, we can finally look forward to those lions disappearing from the streets.
3. Robbie mania—expect hoards of screaming girls to hit town when Robbie Williams plays at the Olympiahalle on August 1.
4. Money mania—Love to splurge? Then you’ll want to get your name on the list for a flat in Munich’s newest and hottest des res—the Alter Hof. Due to open in spring, this city center block is said to be home to some of the most expensive flats in the city, for which wannabe residents will pay as much as € 10,000 per square meter. Ouch! The complex will also contain restaurants, offices and shops.
5. Party mania—just in case Münchner were ever short of places to party, another mammoth party zone is set to open in the north of the city. Over a 37,000 square meter expanse in Frottmaning, Kunstpark Nord will feature bars, restaurants, clubs and four halls for theatrical and musical productions.

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