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July 2002

Smart Move

Travel the world, meet new people, see new places! If you’re part of an expat family you’ll know about the advantages of an international lifestyle, but you’ll probably also have had to confront the downside: living out of a suitcase, dealing with a new climate and watching your kids struggle to adjust and to find new friends. If you have a move coming up and are searching for ways to help your children make the best possible transition, look no further. When abroad do as the local children do is a scrapbook-style guide for young expats who have a relocation coming up. Ori, an “inquisitive migrating bird,” takes them through all the possible ups and downs ahead. Ideas on packing, keeping in touch with old friends and making new ones, as well as numerous activities and projects to fill the empty hours that are part of every move: these are just some of the subjects covered by this imaginative book by Hilly van Swol-Ulbrich and Bettina Kaltenhäuser. There is even an Ori Web site,, which includes an email discussion forum, interesting links and additional information. The book, which costs € 15.90, is published by X-pat Media and can be ordered through

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