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July 2002

Haus Address

Manhattan-based author Jonathan Rosen will be reading from his latest book in a lecture entitled “Talmud and the Internet—A Journey Between Worlds” at the Amerika Haus on July 8. The reading will be followed by a discussion of the novel, in which Rosen explores the boundaries between faith and technology, reflects upon the religious lifestyle, and compares a page of the Talmud with the home page of a Web site. Through the experiences of both his grandmothers, Rosen draws upon religious history, love and survival to weave an intricate portrayal of the hopes, fears and present-day concerns of exiled Jews. Born in America in 1963, Rosen is the author of Eve’s Apple, translated into German in 1998, and a frequent contributor to The New York Times and The New Yorker. The lecture begins at 7:30 pm and entrance is free. Call (089) 47 10 67 for more details.

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