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November 2002

Go Doggedly On

If you are considering taking a dog to Britain soon, be warned. A number of people in the Munich area who have attempted to enter Britain with their canine friends have been refused entry despite seeming to have taken all the necessary precautions. Dog-owners wishing to enter the UK with their pets should know that along with all the other obligatory health checks such as the one for rabies, the British government requires specific tapeworm medication (containing acaricid) and tick treatment (with the ingredient praziquantel). Unfortunately, because many people seem unaware of the exact precautions, that need to be taken for dogs, some kennels in the Calais area are now refusing to take British dogs, after being left with the cost and care of animals. Anyone who does find a kennel may have to pay up to € 500 for the six weeks it takes to prepare new documents. Find out more under

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