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November 2002

Absolutely Trilling

The idea is almost too good to be true: a teach-yourself-to-yodel Web site in five languages. Now in the privacy of your own home—preferably with the doors locked and the curtains drawn—you can teach yourself to yodel like a professional. There are ten levels and at each level you can listen to the melody first and then practice yourself. This idea is the brainchild of Gerhard Katholnigg, a retired hardware and software consultant from Geretsried. The instructions have exactly the right encouraging, cheerful tone that one would expect from a yodel instructor: “Now try putting it together with your partner in crime. Don’t be too hard on them, the off-beat yodel is a little tougher.” And the English version, at least, is free of the kind of language mistakes that make so many other Web sites hard to follow. So what are you waiting for? Log on at

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