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November 2002

Remembrance of Things Past

As the horrors of the two World Wars recede it may be salient to remember that these wars shaped the world we live in today costing the lives of millions of soldiers, many of whom are not accounted for even today. On Sunday November 10 a ceremony will be held at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, D├╝rnbach, to commemorate those who gave their lives in these conflicts. 3,000 soldiers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, East Africa, Poland, the USA, the former Soviet Union, France and other countries are laid to rest here. The ceremony begins at 10:45 am and visitors are asked to arrive by 10:30 to allow time for parking and to walk to the area of the cemetery, where the Remembrance Sunday ceremony will be held. For more information call (089) 21 10 90.

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