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February 2005

Seasonal Thrills

There are plenty of reasons to be cheerful this winter

’Tis the season to be jolly. Before you accuse me of regurgitating a pre-Christmas column, let me explain. For some people, January and February are like one long Monday morning—depressing and seemingly endless. But, in fact, there are many reasons why this cold, and often gray, time of year is one to be cherished. Honestly. For starters, when else does it feel quite so satisfying to come home after work and snuggle up on the sofa with a good book, loved one, bottle of wine or preferably all three? Even those who live for summer have to admit that such home comforts don’t have the same appeal when it’s 30 degrees Celsius and light outside. And then there’s the indulgence of hearty winter food. And never mind feeling guilty about the stodge factor—throw on a cuddly sweater and you’ll look as irresistible as ever.

If you are feeling sluggish and in need of some action, then winter is a fabulous time to get out and about. From the simple pleasures of wandering through a snow-covered Hofgarten, the snow crunching beneath your feet and sparkling in the crystal-clear blue sky, to the more energetic activity of whooshing down powdery alpine pistes—it’s enough to convince even the most hardened summer lover that winter has a lot going for it. (Check out our travel and sports features, starting on page 38, for some great winter-break ideas.) Add to that the fact that a) it’s Fasching—watching all those Germans go truly bonkers and dress up in silly clothes is guaranteed to bring a smile to the most sullen of faces, b) it’s Starkbierzeit—that extra strong brew is the perfect stuff to drown your seasonal sorrows, c) it’s sales time—there’s nothing like a spot of retail therapy to cure winter blues and d) it’s the least-busy time in the tourist calendar, so you can actually move around Munich without having to avoid camera-brandishing crowds.

If you’re still not convinced, there’s one more reason to be happy this month. Yes, we’ve launched a bigger and better Munich Found with a new look. You’ll still find your favorite features, but, in addition, there are some new sections, giving you even more information about all aspects of life in the city. First, you’ll find our new body and soul section, on page 14. If you’ve always thought many aspects of a Bavarian lifestyle were unhealthy, you shouldn’t miss this issue’s piece that looks at simple ways of improving your health by making use of local products and surroundings.

If you’re into therapy of a different nature, take a look at our new shopping section, on page 19. Discover Munich’s newest shops, and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the latest trends or bargains! We’ve also moved our calendar section to the middle of the magazine, so that you can pull it out, keep it with you at all times and ensure you never miss another must-see exhibition or concert. And, of course, there’s our new letters page, which gives you the chance to tell us what you think of all these changes, to share your tips on Munich or simply to get something off your chest. Thanks for all the feedback we’ve had so far—and keep those letters coming!

Finally, if that’s still not enough to cheer you up, then take heart in the other great thing about February—the fact that spring is just around the corner!


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