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Public Transport – Taxi – Bikes

Munich’s public transportation system (MVV) includes buses, trams, underground trains (U-Bahn) and regional trains (S-Bahn). Tickets can be purchased from any MVV ticket vending machine or kiosk. Before embarking on a journey, tickets must be validated—insert into the blue machines for stamping (except when you purchase tickets on trams and buses, as they are automatically validated). The MVV system comprises 4 zones—the central zone (Innenraum) and 3 in the outskirts (Aussenraum). The fare depends on the number of zones through which you travel. For more information and details on schedules and prices see the transportation network plan posted near ticket vending machines, visit or the MVV service center at Marienplatz (underground level) or call (089) 41 42 43 44.
A Single Ticket (Einzelfahrkarte) is valid for one journey in one direction. You can change the form of transport and break your journey. The number of zones your ticket has to cover depends on your destination. If you will be traveling in Munich, press the orange button 1 on the vending machine. For very short journeys of up to four stops on the tram or bus, or two stops on the U-Bahn or S-Bahn, press the orange button marked K (Kurzstrecke). For journeys beyond Munich look at the destinations in the orange column and press the orange button with the relevant zone number.
Stripe Ticket (Streifenkarte) for frequent journeys: Not available in trams and buses. This
ticket is valid for journeys in one direction. You can change the form of transport and break your journey. It can be used by sever-al people traveling together. The number of stripes you have to stamp depends on your destination (check the destinations in the blue column of the vending machine). Within Munich you must stamp 2 stripes per person. Short trips (Kurzstrecke) require only 1 stamp. Children (6–14) need only 1 stripe for any journey as well as young adults (15–20), who must carry photo ID with proof of age.
A Single Day Ticket (Tageskarte) permits unlimited travel around the city and is valid for
one person from the time of stamping until
6 am the following day. Adults have a choice of four tickets:
• The central zone (the whole of Munich plus a number of neighboring districts, shown in white on the tariff plan)
• The Munich XXL area (rings 1–6)
• The outskirts (the area covered by the 3 zones surrounding the inner area)
• The entire network
A Three-day Single Ticket for the inner area is also available, which you can use until 6 am on the fourth day after it has been validated. Children (6–14) have their own day ticket, which is valid in all zones.
Partner Day Ticket for families and groups. Available at the same locations as the Single Day Ticket. Valid for up to five people from the time of validation until 6 am the following day. It entitles the passenger to unlimited MVV travel. Two children (6-14) count as one person (up to ten children can travel on one ticket). The four areas you can choose from for the Single Day Ticket also apply for Partner tickets.
The City Tour Card offers its users un-limited travel on all public transport within the central area and discounts on more than 30 tourist attractions.
A one-day pass is € 9.80, while a three-day pass costs € 18.80. The City Tour Card is available at all MVV service centers and ticket machines, as well as various hotels.
For more information, visit
Additional Information:
There is an additional charge for taking bi-cycles on the S- and U-Bahns—allowed at all times except Mon.–Fri. 6 am–9 am and 4 pm–6 pm. Ticket machines on trams and buses only accept coins. Plain-clothed inspectors, who do speak English, randomly check tickets and will present an ID when doing so. The fine for not having a validated ticket is € 40!

Beige cabs can be found at taxi stands throughout the city. Go to one of the stands or hail a cab on the street if their rooftop light is on. The basic fare is € 2.90. Add € 1 if ordered by phone from the Taxi control center (089) 19 410, and € 1.60 for each additional kilometer. Expect to pay € 0.50 for luggage. A private sightseeing tour of Munich by cab (in English and other languages) can also be arranged.
A cheaper option for a trip around the city center is a riksha taxi. Rikscha-Mobil bikes are parked at Marienplatz. Visit the Website at or call (089) 24 21 68 80.

Munich is a dream destination for every cyclist, with 1,500 km of bike paths in and around the city. A white line on sidewalks separates the bicycle lane from the pedestrian area. Pedestrians stray into the cycle path at their peril!

Radius Bike Rental
Arnulfstr. 3 in the Central Train Station by tracks 32-34
Office hours:
April 1–Oct. 15 daily 8:30 am–6 pm; Oct. 16–March 31 daily 8:45 am–12 pm
Phone: (089) 59 61 13
FAX: (089) 59 47 14

The whole process can be done by telephone: you are given a personal ID number and a code to unlock bikes parked all over the city, which you can hire for as long as you choose, return at any phone booth and pay for with credit card. For more information visit
Phone: (0700) 522 55 22


(Deutsche Bahn)
Deutsche Bahn (DB) operates an excellent rail service throughout Germany. Short distances within Bavaria are covered by Regionalzüge (regional trains, RE or RB); for longer distances you can choose from the EC (EuroCity), IC (InterCity) trains and the "star fleet" of the DB, the comfortable high-speed ICE (InterCityExpress) trains. Although train tickets are relatively expensive, DB offers anumber of discount options, such as the Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket (Have a Nice Weekend Ticket). It costs € 37 and allows five persons to traveil on Saturdays and Sundays from midnight until 3 am the following day on all short-distance trains, including Munich's Public Transportation System. The Bayern Ticket (Bavaria Ticket) works the same way but in addition, travel on weekdays is valid, beginning at 9 am and limited to the Bavarian region. This ticket costs € 28 or € 20 for the single version. See, where further special offers, information and schedules are available.

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