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February 2005

True Brew

It’s still a long time until the Wies’n, but that’s no reason for beer lovers to sit at home and sob into their Mass … No, this month marks the start of Starkbierzeit (strong beer season). The idea was devised by the monks, who decided to come up with a particularly potent brew to help weak souls get through their annual fasting at Lent. This year’s festivities begin on February 11, when the barrel of Paulaner’s Salvator strong brew is officially tapped at the Nockherberg brewery (Paulaner am Nockherberg, Hochstrasse 77). Anyone whose German is up to it should also catch the traditional “Salvator Polit Show,” featuring scathing impersonations of the country’s politicians. In the Löwenbräukeller in Nymphenburger Strasse meanwhile, there is a daily Bierstein-lifting competition, where challengers compete to see who can lift the 508-pound monster the highest, fueled, of course, by the brewery’s special Triumphator brew, which costs € 6.40 a Mass. Of course, if you’re up to it, there’s no need to stop there. Munich’s other breweries also organize music and entertainment events throughout the season, which runs until March 20. Work your way round and sample Augustiner’s Maximator, Spaten’s Optimator and Hofbräu’s Delicator, for example. <<<

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