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February 2005

Local Beat

There are many ways to write the word music, just like there are many ways to make music. And for this month’s event celebrating music and musicians from Munich, music is spelled [mu’zi:k]. After the resounding success of last year’s first showcasing of Munich’s most eclectic musicians, at the Muffathalle, this year the event “[mu’zi:k]—Made in München” will be held in the Carl-Orff-Saal at Gasteig on February 22 at 8 pm. A variety of new compositions, performance art and improvisational music will be performed to show just how rich and diverse the musicians of Munich truly are. The groups and performers to be featured include Asyl Art, Musik zum Anfassen, Nikolaus Brass, Tom Sora, Limpe Fuchs, Zoro Babel, Norbert Stammberger and the trio Radtke/Schneider/Hops. <<<

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