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March 2005


From Our Readers

I am from Munich but live in Belgium. My brother gave me a copy of your magazine last summer, and now I am hooked! Munich Found gave me some really good tips about my city. The articles are great, and it is nice to know that I can find a magazine about my home that I can really identify with, and one that I can look at online. I also saw the fantastic article about Munich Found in the Süddeutsche Zeitung. I like to promote my hometown as much and as well as possible, and that is what your magazine does brilliantly.
Lisa Jacobi-Baqai

I have been a devoted reader of Munich Found for some time and I must say I found the new arrangement of the calendar very handy. Not only because it’s exactly in the middle of the magazine (I wouldn’t pull it out anyway), but also because I find the way in which events are listed by date, rather than location, makes it a lot easier to pinpoint immediately where to head for if I feel like going out. Good job! By the way, have you got any information about amateur football clubs in Munich?
Hasan Esen

Editor’s note: Munich’s Irish Rovers Football club is always keen to find new players. Training is held twice a week at the Community Sports Park in Parkstadt Solln. Check out for contact details. Or take a look at for a full listing of dozens of amateur football clubs.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading the February issue of Munich Found. I left Munich in September and it was great catching up on everything that’s going on in the city. The profile article about Tré Polk, the American chimney sweep, was really interesting and inspiring too. Thanks again.
Jennifer Wood

I have a little trick that non-German speakers amongst you might like to try. We all know that if you ask a Münchner for directions in English, he or she will pretend not to understand. So, if your French is passable, ask for directions in French instead. Invariably they won’t speak French (or will pretend not to) and will offer to speak English. Just pretend to be huffy when you accept this “compromise.”
James Simms

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