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March 2005

Second Best

Where To Get Your Hands on a Second-Hand Bargain

Second-hand clothing did not always hold the same appeal as it does now. There was a time when it meant one of two things: either inappropriate hand-me-downs, or musty-smelling old folks’ clothes from bleak charity shops. The fact that Munich has an amazing array of second-hand stores, where you can pick up clothes ranging from cheap and cheerful to designer labels, has helped to change a lot of people’s opinions. In fact, it’s the closest some of us will ever get to owning a designer wardrobe! Here are some of the best places to bag a bargain ...

Cheap and cheerful: Kleidermarkt at Tal 30 is a three-story store with more than 1,000 square-meters of floor space. You can hardly get through the door as the Oktoberfest approaches, because it is one of the best places to buy inexpensive Tracht. Throughout the rest of the year, it’s worth trying for youth fashion and 1970s style, or for trendy accessories like bags, belts and feather boas.

Vintage: It is not only the clothes and accessories that are vintage in the Vintage & More shop at Frauenstrasse 15. Stepping into the small store feels like a trip back to the glamorous days of yore. Against the back wall, which is covered in black and white pictures of screen sirens, is a dressing table and mirror that will make you feel as though you are a starlet in a fabulous boudoir. The store stocks beautiful vintage clothes for women, including a large selection of bags, belts and accessories. This is the place to pick up a glitzy evening dress or a gorgeous fitted jacket that you can be sure no one else will be wearing. A great location for lovers of style, elegance and film-star chic.

Designer labels: It may be a second-hand store, but Macy (Johannisplatz 20) sells designer-label fashion and accessories. Whether you are looking for Gucci, Prada or Vivienne Westwood, you will find it all here. As well as the main room, which sells women’s clothes and some fantastic shoes and boots, there are two adjoining rooms filled with men’s clothes and evening wear. The prices reflect the fact that all the clothes, as well as being labels, are cleaned and repaired. So, while it is not exactly cheap, if you compare the prices with the amount you would pay to buy the item new, you have got yourself a bargain. Everything in the store is stylish and of a high quality, and it is an absolute haven for people who like rummaging.
Another place not to be missed is Second Hand Agentur, at Siegesstrasse 20. Some 800 square-meters of floor space are packed with around 20,000 designer numbers, many of which have been passed on by the sort of society darlings for whom an outfit is no longer wearable after they’ve been photographed in it once. You might find an Armani dress, for example, reduced from € 900 to € 200, or a Chanel suit from € 2,500 to € 800.

Sports: And if it works for clothes, there’s no reason why it can’t work for sports equipment too—precisely the philosophy behind Second Hand Sports at Nymphenburger Strasse 25. From ice skates to golf clubs, this place stocks the lot. Some items are also available for hire. <<<

Hot off the Shelves...
• Foxy Brown advertises itself as a fashion, music and lifestyle store. It sells a selection of cool designer labels for men and women, such as Diesel, Lacoste, Fred Perry and St. Martins. With the DJ spinning tunes and the dolled-up sales assistants, you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled into a trendy club.
Wilhelmstrasse 10, Tel. 38 32 95 91
• Trend is a new store in the city center and sells fashionable beachwear for women and kids, plus sexy underwear. INKA Arcade,
• Akris Punto is the latest collection to be added to the designer fashion section of Ludwig Beck. The Spring/Summer 2005 collection from Albert Kriemler is elegant and fun—perfect for the modern woman.
Marienplatz 11, Tel. 23 69 10
• Silkroad is the perfect place to find a pretty or unusual gift. They sell gorgeous cushions, jewelry, saris and elegant Indian clothing.
Reichenbachstrasse 23, Tel. 20 20 99 55,

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