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April 2005


From our readers

It was good to see you open the debate on Sunday shopping in last month’s issue (Letters Page). I found it interesting that one of the contributors preferred the shops to be closed on Sundays so that she couldn’t shop. How extraordinary that one’s own lack of willpower should be used as a reason to deny choice to others! The argument for allowing shops to open on a Sunday is that people have a choice. There is no suggestion of making it compulsory. Bars, restaurants, cinemas, sports facilities, petrol stations and public transport all operate on Sundays, so why not supermarkets as well? It can’t be for religious reasons—there are many Munich residents who are not practising Christians who would be more than happy for the work.
Jayne Walton

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your shopping page in last month’s issue of MUNICH FOUND. I’ve always found the variety of shops in Germany to be poor compared to what I’m used to in the United States. Munich has a lot of shops selling cheap rubbish, such as H&M, and plenty of designer boutiques, but when it comes to affordable mid-range clothes I always struggle to find something different. However, I have to say that your idea of checking out the second-hand shops for other people’s designer cast-offs gave me renewed hope that perhaps I would be able to indulge in some retail therapy here after all. I can’t wait until pay-day. Thanks!
Lucy Anderson

I have been reading MUNICH FOUND since I relocated to Munich eight months ago. It has really helped me to get the most out of living in this fabulous city. And what a useful feature article in the March edition (Video Nation). I had no idea that there were so many shops dedicated to English-language films. After reading your piece, I have already been to the brilliant English Video Film Club, and have plans to check out the others in the near future too.
Philip Roe

I am writing to make a suggestion about your Website. I find that the quality and standard of your magazine is very good, but the Website does not match this. In fact, it does not come close! It would look a lot better if it had photographs, particularly on the pages where there are articles from the magazine. And, forgive me for saying so, but the whole layout looks a bit dated. I work in a creative industry, and if I don’t find something visually interesting then I find it hard to get past that. So I can’t really comment fairly on the content, although I do enjoy the tips of the day on the homepage.
Laura Meyer

As someone who loves to cook, but lacks inspiration (particularly after moving to Munich and finding the supermarkets here a huge disappointment), I am really enjoying trying the recipes that you print each month. I have tested at least four of them and they have all turned out pretty well. I love the fact that they are not too intricate, but appear like you have made a lot of effort (I hope my husband doesn’t read this and find out the truth). My best to date was last month’s Red Pepper Risotto with Lamb Fillet and Wild Garlic Pesto. Yum!
Christina Gough

After reading the notice on your Website asking for readers to send in recommendations of their favorite spots in Munich, I would like to share the following restaurant tips with other readers. First, if you have people visiting and want to take them to a really good and atmospheric place, try the Dreigroschenkeller (Lilienstrasse 2). We recently had friends over from the States and they loved it there. Another bar we enjoyed was Tattenbach, a traditional restaurant in Lehel, which we found by accident. But those are often the best ones, right?
Margaret Appling

Editor’s note: Tattenbach is located at Tattenbachstrasse 6.

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