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July 2005

Mutual Feeling

We’ve all had them—those “I love Munich” moments. But now, the phrase that’s typically blurted out with beer-fueled elation at the Wies’n is turning about-face. “Munich Loves You” is the slogan of a new marketing campaign for the Bavarian capital, which will be launched with a vengeance this fall. Featuring a heart symbol, which can be filled with various graphics, the campaign was designed in anticipation of a number of major events taking place in Munich over the coming years. These include the World Cup next year, the 850th anniversary of Munich in 2008 and the 200th anniversary of the Oktoberfest in 2010. Although the German version, “München mag Dich” (Munich likes You), isn’t quite as affectionate, let’s hope the allotted budget of € 1.4 million will help attract those economy-boosting tourists. <<<

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