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June 2006

Dear Reader,

You hold in your hands a tighter, rejuvenated city magazine. We promise we will no longer scare off our male readers with recipes and “girl talk.” We believe we have put together an interesting mix of information for everyone — families and singles, young and old, residents and tourists alike. As a native Münchnerin, it is my sincerest wish to acquaint you with the magnificent cultural offerings to be found in my hometown, and to share with you the diverse array of leisure time activities available to you here.
In Munich Found’s recent survey, our readership overwhelmingly gave the magazine’s News and Views section top billing. For this reason, we have switched our focus to these pages: You will now find more information than ever, minus the long-winded reporting. Food and Drink, Movies and Books have also been tightened—more information, fewer words. Here, we have chosen our material to meet a wide range of our diverse readership’s demands, while, in the case of restaurants and bars, watching out for your wallets. Your recommendations for Food and Drink are most welcome: Our small editorial staff can’t possibly go to every restaurant, bar and pub—if they did, they’d never get anything written!
A city magazine—which, after all, is there for everyone—is at its best when the personal opinions of editors and authors do not leap to the foreground. Our Last Word feature has thus fallen victim to this belief. Landmark and Red Tape, two more favorites indicated in our reader’s survey, will remain, and in their usual format.
I hope you will have a lot of fun reading the June issue. In anticipation of the World Cup soccer tournament, it contains this year’s updated Munich Found Visitor’s Guide. Along with our comprehensive collection of general information, you will find a four-page World Cup guide. If you or your visitors would like to have additional copies, simply get in touch with us. The Visitor’s Guide will appear once more, in September, just in time for Oktoberfest.
And, for the soccer/football fans among you, remember: it‘s only a game, not a war. Enjoy Munich. It‘s worth it.

Angela Wilson

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