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June 2006

We asked Owen


A proud member of the German national championship team Bayern München, Owen Hargreaves, is set to suit up as part of the England national squad for the 2006 World Cup. We went one on one with the Bayern München midfielder to get his take on the upcoming tournament.

It’s no secret there’s been an intense rivalry between the German and English teams. Coming from Bayern München, you’re in a unique spot to play on England’s national team. Have you ever felt any of that friction?

No, not really. There’s a big history there, and if it came to a game between them, that would be something. But I don’t think the rivalry is as intense or bitter as it used to be.

We know your loyalty is to England—but which team is your pick to go all the way?

I hope it’ll be England. The expectations we have for the team are really high. But I think the favorite is Brazil, I think they have the strongest team and players.

How do you think Germany will fare?

That’s tough to say. Germany has always been a dark horse. They seem to always come quite far, so I think they’ll do well at the World Cup.

Your father is from England, your mother is from Wales. You were born in Canada, and moved to Munich, when you were just a teenager, to pursue soccer. So where do you call home?

Home is where I live, here in Munich at the moment. I’ve been fortunate to explore other cultures. I have a strong connection to England and Wales, but now I’m here in Munich where I can experience a new culture, a new language. I feel comfortable here. <<<

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