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June 2006

New Exhibitions at Haus Der Kunst

Two new exhibitions will be on display at the Haus der Kunst this month. One will focus on the works of “Lost Paradise” portraitist Frans Post, who became famous for his paintings of Brazilian natives and landscapes, flowing a 1637 trip to that nation with Prince Johan Moritz of Nassau-Siegen. His finely detailed, photograph-like works are a most precious representation of 17th-century life in what Europeans once called the “Parrot Country.” Works by the first well-known portraitist of the New World will be on view from June 2 to September 17.

The second exhibition, Ein Blick für das Volk - Die Kunst für Alle, will be on display from June 14 to September 3. The exhibition will focus on the new printing media, which allowed for the unlimited reproduction of artworks, introduced at the end of the 19th century. Once works could be reproduced, art ceased to be elitist or avant garde, thus making it accessible to everyone. The exhibition features paintings, prints and postcards from such artists as Franz von Stuck and Hans Thoma, as well as excerpts from Kunst für Alle magazine, which was highly influential on the art scene between 1885 and 1944. Of particular interest here is to see how the ability to create reproductions influenced Nazi art. The Haus der Kunst is open Mon.–Sun., 10 am–8 pm and until 10 pm on Thursdays. See or call 21 12 71 13 for further information. <<<

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