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October 2006


Dear Reader,

We’ve often considered ex-panding Munich Found Online by adding a dating service for area English speakers. It would certainly be an interesting addition to the magazine! But according to a recent poll conducted by the folks at—the UK’s National Virtual Museum—by offering information on exhibitions and museums, we’ve unknowingly provided matchmaker services for years—and at an issue price much cheaper than traditional dating services!

The poll found that a visit to a museum or exhibition is the ideal environment in which to find a date. An impressive 20 percent of respondents said they had actually fallen in love in a museum or gallery, while an overwhelming 65 percent said they would take a date to such a spot. With that in mind, we can only suggest the following: Don’t miss out on the Long Night of Museums on October 21. There, the flirt factor is sure to be unbeatable!

In Bavaria, October is often the most beautiful time of year. Clear blue skies and autumnal shades of gold provide a gorgeous backdrop for mountain excursions. Be sure to make use of the daylight hours before you have to turn back your clocks on October 29, and before you hear that familiar call again: Trick or treat, trick or treat, give me something good to eat! Because German children have, in recent years, eagerly adopted this sweet custom, maybe you’ll even decide to invite your German neighbors to a real Halloween party. It would be a good opportunity to explain some confusing rituals: What’s up with all the giant pumpkins, and why do Americans dress up and celebrate the end of October as if it were Fasching, while Germans celebrate All Saint’s Day (November 2) with quiet cemetery visits and an absolute ban on dancing?

Angela Wilson

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