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October 2006

New Music for Munich

We want to do what others in Munich don’t do, and don’t dare to do, and we want to do it earlier than anyone else.” With those words Munich composer Josef Anton Riedl sums up the goal of Klang Aktionen: New Music Munich 2006, which he founded. On October 11, 12, 14 and 17 at 8 pm, the festival will present new forms of music destined to become future trends. Computers, papers and water constitute some of the instruments that artists will use to reconsider the definition of music as an art form in the halls of Gasteig. Tickets cost € 10 and are available through Munich Ticket (Tel. 54 81 81 81) or at the Gasteig box office, Mon.–Fri., 10 am–8 pm, and Sat., 10 am–6 pm. A full schedule of performances is available at

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