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November 1999

Northern exposure

Scandanavian art exhibition in Munich

Scandinavian design is not confined to IKEA. Though the piles of screws, washers, bolts and boards — which are transformed into a wardrobe after several hours of work — have their very own charm, the affordable do-it-yourself furniture should not be considered representative of Nordic design. Die Neue Sammlung conveys this point in an exhibition titled: “New Scandinavia.” Focusing on trends from the 1980s and 1990s, the show includes the work of young designers from Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Each piece has, as Jasper Morisson once described, the special virtue of Scandinavian design, “a purity that stems from the poetic, everyday possibilities permitted by materials, processes and functions.” This is a quality not only to be seen in furnishings, but also in such disparate objects as a scrub brush by Jan Olsson Loftén or a gas mask by Teppo Vienamo. New design trends from Scandinavia can also be viewed at the Europäisches Patentamt. In their exhibition “empty spaces,” the objects and furniture of more than 30 designers will be on display. The patent office’s show places great emphasis on the process of mass production, from the idea to the manufacturing. New Scandinavia is on display until January 9, 2000, “empty spaces” runs through December 12, 1999. <<<

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