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November 1999

Special delivery

Volvo's executive car sales program

Buying a car in Germany and taking it home to the United States or other points outside the European Union not only sounds like a lot of trouble, it is. Shipping, taxes, meeting technical specifications and legal requirements are but a few of the inconveniences you can expect to encounter when it is time to ship your vehicle home. Volvo, renowned makers of well-appointed, sturdy Swedish automobiles, offers relief from these aggravations. Volvo’s TDS, short for Tourist & Diplomat Sales, is the company’s special division dedicated to making the purchase and shipment of their cars as convenient as possible. The TDS program offers: tax-free purchase; ownership of one of the world’s safest cars; shipment, marine insurance, customs clearance and import duty, all at no extra charge; full U.S. warranties and road assistance program; professional assistance with all legal formalities and paperwork. Twenty-three European drop-off points means you can ship the car from any location, regardless of where the automobile was bought. Promoters boast: “Practically all you will have to do is sign your name on a couple of documents and then leave the rest to us.” For those planning to, or already living abroad, TDS is an ideal way to procure and send home hassle-free wheels. Further information is available by calling (089) 61 07 93 50 or email them at <<< sst

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