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May 2007

May Movies

Spider-Man 3: US-rated PG-13; German release: May 1. Spider-Man and its sequel garnered over $1.6 billion in profits world-wide�ample justification for assigning the biggest budget ever to Spider-Man 3. Along with amped-up special effects, this newest chapter in the Marvel hero�s story boasts more romance, more narrative complexity, and double the villains. Tobey McGuire returns as Peter Parker, who has learned�so it seems�to reconcile the roles of superhero and super-boyfriend to Kirsten Dunst�s Mary Jane Watson. Then without warning, Spiderman�s suit turns black, bringing with it new and surprising powers. It seems to bring out Parker�s dark and vengeful side, and stokes his growing ego. While Spiderman is busy battling his own demons, villains Sandman (Thomas Haden Church) and Venom (Topher Grace) take the opportunity to wreak havoc on the metropolitan community. Will Spiderman uncover his new suit�s secret and summon the strength to face these new foes? World box office tallies depend upon it.

Zodiac: US-rated R, German release: April 12. Decades before Orange Alerts held Americans in thrall, a serial killer known as �Zodiac� imposed a reign of terror on 1970s Northern California. As the number of his victims rose into double digits, the killer�who was known to be a man�stoked public agitation with crime-scene puzzles and cryptic messages to media outlets. Despite his clues, the case was never solved. This new film by David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club) sustains the same terrifying crescendo of fear over a running time of two hours and 40 minutes. Equal parts suspense thriller and police caper, it forgoes grisly images of Zodiac�s deeds to follow the psychological deterioration of his pursuers. Robert Downey Jr. plays a cocky journalist spiraling deeper into substance abuse, Jake Gyllenhaal is a political cartoonist who loses two wives in the course of his amateur investigation, and cop Mark Ruffalo sacrifices his career to find the killer. Down to the smallest cameos, lighting, and prop choices, the film is executed with deadly precision.

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