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May 2007

Africa Festival

Organizers promise everything from Algeria to Zaire at the upcoming Africa Festival on the Theresienwiese. The fourth annual event is the best opportunity to experience the richness of African culture here in Munich. More than 150 stalls will comprise a buzzing bazaar stocked with traditional handicrafts and scented with delicious cuisine. Visitors can catch free drumming and dancing performances by international artists, or join in on the rhythm in creative workshops. Magic shows, travel tips, and an African fashion show are just a few of the many other attractions to be experienced. See for a full schedule of events. The fair will run from May 17 to 20, from 11 am to 11 pm daily. (The Bazaar will close at 10 pm.) Tickets will cost € 4 at the door. Purchase in advance through Munich Ticket (€ 4.50) and use your ticket as a pass on public transportation to the fair.

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