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July 2007

Water Quality

The lakes in and around Munich might look gorgeous and feel refreshing, but what surprises lurk outside the range of our senses? Every 14 days, hygiene experts at the Health and Environment Department undertake a microbiological study of local lakes. Results are posted (in German) at As of press time, all lakes were hygienically suitable for bathing, as usual. (At least for those who can handle a somewhat-nippy water temperature of 15°C.) The Isar, on the other hand, is not a recommended bathing site. Although you’ll often see hardy locals taking a dip, remember that these are the same people who often lie completely naked in the middle of the city. The Isar is a wild river, and therefore cannot guarantee a constant water quality suitable for bathing. Especially after rains, which wash anything on the city streets into the river, bathers face a pronounced risk of infection. It’s better to make the trip out to a lake, or visit one of the city’s many great public pools. See our calendar for a list of locations.

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