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July 2007

Project F.R.E.D.

Home is where the hard drive is. As our lives become more wired, so does our architecture. Such a shift, however, is not as simple as setting up a desk for your laptop. One local company is exploring the psychological and practical implications of the large-scale integration of technology in homes. Project F.R.E.D. (Future, Responsibility, Efficiency, Design) is a joint project of Frederics Serviced Apartments and the Oragnization and Business Psychology departments of the Ludwig Maximilians University here in Munich. A panel of experts led by Dr. Jürgen Kaschube has conducted research and interviewed Frederics clients, with the results being implemented in Frederics’ apartment complexes. Frederics’ customers are generally businesspeople looking for a temporary home in Munich—not just a place to stay. To that end, the apartments are large, well-designed, and full equipped with furnishings and the latest technology, of course. Their locations (Hohenzollernplatz and Dantestrasse) are near tranposrtation hubs that make it easy to explore the city, and with rental costs starting at € 810 for a month (the minimum lease period), the serviced apartments can be much cheaper than the option of a hotel. Nebenkosten are included. Call 0800 HOMENOW or visit to find out more about Project F.R.E.D. or become a participant by renting one yourself.

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