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July 2007

Rembrandt to Picasso

During his years at Auschwitz, Swiss gallery owner Jan Krugier found a reason to survive in his love for art and the humanism inherent in great works. That experience inspired his later career as an art dealer. He also became a prolific private collector, with wife Marie-Anne Krugier-Poniatowski (a Polish princess). Forty years has been sufficient to amass a rich collection that spans from Rauschenberg to Carracci. From July 20 to October 7, the Hypo-Kunsthalle will show 250 drawings, paintings, and sculptures made public by the pair for the first time. The list of artists whose works will be on display truly is formidable: Goya, Klee, Bonnard, Rembrandt, Picasso, de Koonig, Matisse, Manet, and others. Not just art history lesson, the exhibit will remind visitors that when art is possible, so is humanity.

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