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July 2007

Delicious Reads

Back away from the grill and pick up one of these tasty tomes for a summer that’s full of great meals.

Arabesque: A Taste of Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon, by Claudia Roden. Alfred A. Knopf, 2006.

The best Moroccan tagines and Lebanese mezze are concocted with the help of recipes passed down through generations. Chefs who benefit from years of careful ingredient tweaks do their own part by spending hours mixing spices or standing over a hot stove. Claudia Roden now presents simplified takes on those classic and time-consuming recipes from Morocco, Turkey, and Lebanon. Color photos of dishes like Moroccan Chickpea and Lentil Soup or Milk and Almond Pudding will inspire even novice chefs to tackle one of the more than 150 traditional recipes, and Roden’s commentary brings a whiff of the bazaar into the kitchen.

Bavarian Cooking, by Olli Leeb. Hippocrene Books 1999.

If your understanding of Bavarian cuisine begins and ends with sausage, do your taste buds a favor and spend some time with this collection of true south German specialties. Recipes for succulent chicken stuffed with parsley, or tasty Leberknödel soup are listed alongside rich anecdotes from the history of Bavarian cooking. No other cookbook is as comprehensive, and it’s a must for every Munich kitchen.

Michelin Guide: Germany, Travel House Media, 2007.

For any traveller who is looking for a pleasant place to lay down his tired head, or to get a good meal that’s worth its price, the red Michelin is an absolute must. The Germans have relied on the unbribable Michelin testers since 1964, the Swiss since 1994, and the Austrians since 2005. The French original started way back in 1900. All of the guides are written in the language of the country they cover, but a comprehensive system of symbols and short tips make them eminently readable. After spending a few minutes reviewing the system, you will have a travel partner for life. You’ll also find, in fact, that good quality does not automatically mean high prices. Michelin uncovers every culinary jewel, from the priceworthy countryside inn to 3-star haute cuisine.

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