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December 2007

No Way for Snow and Ice

Munich residents are still talking about the unusual sight in March 2005, when local traffic came to a standstill. No cars, buses or trams could blaze a trail through the thick mantle of snow that had covered the city within hours. Only walkers and children playing on the streets broke the silence that the heavy snowfall had caused. Though romantic for ambling snow Bohemians, the sudden breakdown frustrated all M√ľnchner relying on cars and public transportation. Meteorological precedents aside, the day was particularly unusual because Munich is generally well prepared for the cold season. Munich maintains 16 stations within the road network to check ice on its streets each winter. Snow plowing usually begins at 4 am, at 2 am if necessary. Major streets including 9400 cross walks are top priority for the road patrols. (With respect for the environment, no salt is implemented for de-icing side streets.) Private property owners outside of the Westend, Schwabing, Au, Haidhausen and Neuhausen districts are obligated to keep their sidewalks cleared between 7 am and 8 pm, and are liable for injuries incurred through snow or ice in front of their property. For further information, call 23 36 12 01. <<<

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