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December 2007


Until just a few years ago, the area surrounding the Donnersberger Brücke was an industrial wasteland. Today the old storage houses adjacent to the Deutsche Bahn’s rails have given way to a whole new residential district. Only a single brick chimney towers over the new façades as a reminder of the old industrial times. The chimney is part of a former heating plant that recently reopened as a cultural venue. Located at the Rainer-Werner-Fassbinder-Platz, the venue’s name—“Freiheiz”—recalls the brick building’s past (heizen is German for heating), but also incorporates the concept of Freiheit (freedom). Most likely, that’s an allusion to the great Munich filmmaker Fassbinder, who knew no boundaries in his art and life. Perhaps the spirit of liberty sometimes lacking in Munich’s cultural scene could be revived here. Artistic director Günter Knoll seems to aim in this direction with plans to feature cross-over pro-jects, interactive forms of art and a platform for experimental electronic music. Knoll will impose no programmatic restrictions, he claims; for him only quality will count. Find out if you’ll warm up to the multifaceted program at Freiheiz: <<<

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