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December 2007

The Wild Side of Christmas

Think Weihnachten is all about Glühwein and pine trees? Visiting the Marienplatz Christmas Market on December 9 and 23 will introduce you to the darker side of Alpine Christmas traditions. Amid the vendors’ stalls, you’ll find a group of furious devil-like creatures in archaic wooden masks roaming about the market. Known as Krampus, these creatures are equipped with birches and cowbells to scare or punish anyone who failed to lead a virtuous life during the past year. The Krampus-run is a 500-year-old tradition. It blends Pagan figures who banished the demons of winter and the Christian legend of benevolent Saint Nicholas and his grim companion Krampus. It takes place from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm on both Sundays. <<<

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