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December 2007

Klangaktionen & musica viva

Not only do music festivals offer a plethora of high-quality concerts, but they also invite their audiences to experience new coherence among the performed pieces. This opportunity seems to be of high appeal for organizers of contemporary classical music festivals, as it helps counter their genre’s unfortunate stigma of inaccessibility. In December and January, there will be two festivals whose organizers aim just in this direction. The Klangaktionen festival and musica viva have worked in close cooperation to assemble a complementary program with inspiring cross-references. Klangaktionen will feature world premieres exclusively from December 4 to 12. Its 14 concerts will explore the experimental qualities of percussion, electronic equipment and the human voice. With works by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Aribert Reimann, Karl Amadeus Hartmann or Jörg Widmann, musica viva concentrates on established composers, whose works are of vital importance for the contemporary music scene. A performance of traditional Sufi songs from Egypt and a three-day symposium on “Art and Experiment” will round out the festival’s program. musica viva starts on January 25 and will end on February 15. For detailed programs and schedules, visit and <<<

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