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December 2007

Rupprecht Geiger

It’s not every day that an internationally acclaimed Munich artist celebrates his hundredth birthday. That’s reason enough for both the Lenbachhaus and the Haus der Kunst to honor the work of Rupprecht Geiger with exhibitions. The Lenbachhaus will explore how Geiger came to the expressive geometry characteristic of his art from December 15 to March 30. The exhibition follows seven decades of the artist’s oeuvre, from his early watercolors of the 1940s, to recently developed collages. Complementing this retrospective, the Haus der Kunst will show two more modern installations. Both the “Morgenrot-Abendrot” installation from 2000 and the gigantic, tent-like “Rote Trombe” (1985) will inspire all visitors to enter and enjoy a pure experience of red: the color which Geiger claims has dominated his life for almost a century. It’s also a good time to revisit a piece by Geiger that’s already been on display in Munich for many years. The blue circle—resembling the classic shape and color of a Nivea container—is installed in front of the Gasteig and displays Geiger’s mastery of form and color (see cover). <<<

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