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December 2007

Slides, skates and skis

Munich citizens need not cross the city limits in order to enjoy winter fun. Local parks, for example, have proved excellent grounds for crowds of people indulging in winter sport activities. More than 70 hills throughout the city are available for slaloms or just coasting down. The most popular hills are within the Olympia Park, Luitpold Park, Ost Park and West Park. At Ost Park and West Park, as well as at the Isarauen and Schlosspark Nymphenburg, Loipen (cross country ski runs) are maintained for cross-country skiers. The latest news on ski run conditions are published throughout the winter at together with maps of all Loipen as well as information on the runs’ lengths. If the temperatures remain low enough for a long period, ice skaters can turn figure eights at Kleinhesseloher See in the English Garden and race on the canal at Nymphenburg Palace. The City posts signs to let would-be skaters know if the ice is safe. <<<

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