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June 2008


Dear Reader,
You might want to plan to take this month off: The onslaught of anniversary celebrations in Munich could keep you busy each day this month. Countless events will commemorate the 850-year founding history of the city. The Bavarian State Library will review 450 years of existence with exhibitions and lectures. A series of events will celebrate the bicentennial of the Academy of Fine Arts. At the same time, contemporary institutions will proudly look back on successful decades of cultural work in the city. For 35 years the non-profit association Kunstraum has featured experimental art, and the move of the exhibition hall to new premises in the rear building of Holzstrasse 10 promises a vibrant future. The Filmfest München—an annual national highlight for filmmakers and cine-astes—has brought the best of worldwide cinema and the glamour of international celebrities to the city for the past 25 years. Finally, what started as a small alternative fair in 1988 has grown to an important bi-annual festival—Tollwood—whose program will feature even more artists, concerts and activities in honor of its 20-year existence.
All these anniversaries sound impressive and they certainly are representative of the lively continuity that characterizes Munich’s cultural policy. Still, it does not take a single anniversary celebration to prove that the city itself and all the projects and institutions it fosters offer great experiences that are reflective of the great legacy of these institutions.
Taking the month off for cultivated partying will not be possible for most of us, but nevertheless MUNICH FOUND has prepared a comprehensive overview of the abundant events that will not allow the city a single minute of rest for the next thirty days. At the same time, the MUNICH FOUND team continues with our mission to inspire you to explore what makes the city such a worthwhile place to call home. Find out about the importance of weekly markets for city life. Or, maybe after reading this month’s Know-How, you will find hidden works of art in your neighborhood. Quietly studding our city corners, some have been there for quite a while—maybe even long enough to celebrate an anniversary.


Katharina Adler
Managing Editor

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